Relaxation & Stress Free Bath Soak

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An all natural bath soak made with natural ingredients like Epsom salt, Chamomile, dried roses, lavender flowers and more.  It is the perfect soak to relax and let stress disappear.

Epsom Salt: Is readily absorbed through the skin and helps ease stress and relaxes the body. It also helps draw toxins out the body and reduces inflammation.

Baking soda: Provides a naturally alkaline substance with a reputation for helping to remove toxins.

Rose Petals: Rejuvenates your skin and relaxes your body.

Chamomile: Is calming, grounding, helps improve sleep and can relieve pain.

Lavender: Calms nerves, enhances mood and can lessen pain.

Ingredients: Epsom salt, Coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, Baking soda, Lavender flowers, Dried rose petals, Chamomile, Mica, Essential oils.

6oz Jar